Dr Nirmal is a visionary leader with close to two decades of ‘C’ Level experience in MNC’s across the globe. He is a much sought after Startup, SME, Social Enterprise & Leadership Power Play specialist with focus on areas such as Strategy, Marketing, Growth Planning, Business Model Structures, People Management & Sustainability.

In addition Dr. Nirmal serves on the board of a number of companies in diverse industries such as agriculture, food & beverage, technology, handicrafts, real estate education, consumer goods and lifestyle services. He is a well-respected Thought Leader, Mentor, Impact Investor & Serial Entrepreneur. He is also recognized as an important influencer in shaping up the start -up and social enterprise eco-system in the region.

Dr. De Silva is a pioneer member of the revolutionary ‘Ath Pavura’ (the world’s first ever reality TV program) which supports social enterprises through impact investments. Dr. De Silva is a strong advocate of Women & Youth empowerment especially in rural parts of the country.

On an academic perspective Dr. De Silva is a guest lecturer and a thesis supervisor for doctoral level programs.