NiAP is a social enterprise with a difference: 

  • Driven by a passion to empower and transform different groups in our society
  • Assist them to overcome challenges to reach their goals while collaborating with socially conscious partners
  • Make our world a better place
  • Build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living

We consider the principles of sustainable development and strive to make a positive, meaningful difference in the lives of our clients, our partners and collaborators, the communities that we live in and the environment in which we dwell in. 

We offer differentiated learning & development solutions and services that add value to our clients and foster growth by:

  • Recognizing the economic considerations and market dynamics that foster growth, develop capacity and enhance productivity in a sustainable manner
  • Assisting businesses and communities to address social and/or environmental problems with a definite outcome in mind
  • Sharing our compelling vision, building purposeful networks and bringing together communities of resilient employees working collaboratively to achieve a shared purpose

Each of us has the potential to be the authors of a better tomorrow!